Journeying with Mums to motherhood.

Welcoming a new addition is a significant moment for any family. Usher in this new beginning at Nadora, a luxurious postnatal wellness retreat centre that provides holistic care to Mum and her newborn.

Here, we are committed to offering professional postpartum care that helps you welcome motherhood with ease.

We combine the best of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) while infusing modern medical care in ensuring Mum and baby’s well-being is taken care of throughout your stay at Nadora.

Nadora is a perfect gift to Mums, offering a safe and cosy environment where Mums can rejuvenate after 9 months of pregnancy.

Featuring luxury suites, nurseries, a spa for aesthetic body rejuvenation, pre and postnatal massage lounge, an accompanying medical clinic, hair and beauty salon, and a world-class nutritional team, Mums are in for a luxurious treat.

Taking care of you is our passion, so you can take care of what matters to you.


Your perfect choice in welcoming motherhood.